Guys Guide to Choosing Lingerie


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The Guy's Guide to Choosing Lingerie (that she will actually wear)

Guys, we know you just want to see skin and lots of it...the more skin the better!  But if you want to get a girl into lingerie, you need to choose something that she feels sexy wearing or one of two things will happen:

1. She'll take one look at the tiny scrap of fabric that you picked out for her, and she'll get mad and throw it at you.  I've seen this and it is not pretty. 

Guys, don't be that guy!

2. She'll put on that piece of dental floss just to make you happy, but she will feel fat and ugly and awkward.  That means she will not feel sexy and you have defeated the purpose of buying the lingerie. 

Because you want her to feel hot and sexy and interested in having sex, right?


Here's how to buy it right:

#1 most important tip: Get the size right!  She will look at the tag before she tries it on, I guarantee it.  And if the size isn't a size she normally buys she may not try it on ever.  Dig through her closet and underwear drawers and use this information wisely.  And never, under any circumstances, buy anything with the words Reducing, Slimming, Minimizing...catch my drift?

Not every woman feels comfortable with baring her bottom in a sexy thong.  Put some thought into what body parts she feels most comfortable with and choose lingerie to compliment.  Think about the types of clothing she wears every day.  Does she enjoy showing off her cleavage?  Does she like to wear short skirts or butt-hugging slacks?

A few ideas:

  • Show off nice legs in something short like a babydoll  or short chemise.

  • Play up good cleavage with a halter or corset style.

  • Display toned arms with a camisole.

Have fun

Get her in touch with her playful side with polka dots  or appeal to her  wilder side with a sexy animal prints and bold colors like red and hot pink.


Black and White  look good on everyone and are the most popular colors for lingerie, followed closely by Red. Blondes look great in pastels, and brunettes can carry off stronger colors like purple  and emerald green. Redheads do best with greens, blues and earthy tones.

Soft touch

If you like touching the garment, she'll like wearing it.  Lingerie is typically made in fabric that feels good against the skin so it's just a matter of personal choice.   Velvet  is rich and seductive, stretch lace feels incredible and is very flattering to every body type.  Charmeuse feels just like silk but is much more affordable AND easy care. Stretch knit is clingy and conforms to every curve, Lycra  squeezes just a little and retains it's shape.

Get comfy

Sexy lingerie comes in so many styles, tank tops, loose babydolls, fitted chemises, if it feels comfortable enough to sleep in, you get to se it tonight and tomorrow morning (and maybe a lot more often...) 


The best way to find her correct size is to ask.  Show her the "Wishlist" feature (you will need to create an account to access this feature) on and tell her to go shopping!  You can also look through her closet and underwear drawer. Keep in mind that most lingerie has a lot of give.  You can get pretty close to the size and it's all good because she won't be wearing it all day anyway, right?  But do make sure the size on the tag is a size she buys for herself (see tip #1).


If you are excited and happy to give her this gift, she will also be excited and happy.  Set the mood with soft music, candlelight, flowers, chocolate, massage oil, a glowing fire, feathers...whatever it takes to tease  her with upcoming events.

Types of lingerie:

  • Chemise - A straight gown that skims the body.

  • Peignoir set - Negligee that includes a matching sheer robe.

  • Babydoll - A short gown that fits around the bust, flares toward hemline.

  • Pajamas - Pants and top, originally styled after men's p.j.s.

  • Bustier or Corset- An elongated bra that provides extra lift to the breasts, typically strapless with a lace-up back.

  • Camisole - A sleeveless top that can be paired with matching undies or worn under a jacket for work.

  • Teddy - A one-piece style, similar to a bodysuit, sometimes crotchless.

  • Thong - Provides coverage in the front of the panty with a thin strap in the back.  A g-string is the smallest style of panty with only a string in the back.

We love to give advice!  Please email with questions, comments or suggestions.

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